Google Continues to Combat Amazon

By David Marquez, Reporter

Google, is a company known well throughout the world. The technological company is best known for its internet search engine. In most internet browsers once you get on it whether it be Safari or Chrome, it goes to the Google search engine.

The company, Google, was founded on September 4, 1998. Google is owned by a lesser known parent company named Alphabet. The company Alphabet was made to overview Google when it went under corporate restructuring. Alphabet company was founded on October 2, 2015.

While Google is well known for its search browser it is also known for its various other pieces of technology. Google Drive is a main hub of all the old or incoming pieces of online technology. Google Drive holds multiple different features allowing free programs compared to the payed programs Microsoft has.

Drive gives multiple programs such as slides, sheets, and docs. These programs are all that used to be from the earlier Microsoft programs.

Slowly Google has pushed itself into the oncoming pieces of virtual and physical technology. Recently, Amazon, a new contender out doing and putting out most businesses.

To combat the ever growing Amazon, Google, like many other companies are branching out to create more products to get an edge against Amazon. An example is Google’s personal assistant for their Amazon Echo like products.Image result for Amazon Echo and google home

With the recent release of Google’s Pixel phone, the fight ever goes on to combat that fastly growing company of Amazon.