Agora: A Website to Express Your Creativity

By Lily Vo, Reporter

Norah Laughter and Raegan Jones, both high school students at Greenwood, recently made a website solely for the purpose of introducing works from various students. This allows anyone who is willing to showcase their talent to be seen to the public. The website is considered a forum where anyone can participate.

The Agora is sort of a gallery for arts and literature. Many students can submit works such as their art and creative writing. Some of the creative writing includes poems, short stories, and creative nonfiction.

The editors will do their best to revise and edit your work so it can be published to the website. They’ll make sure to give credit to the author or artist that submits their work. If possible they would like to see more creative nonfiction and short stories shared to them.

Currently, the website is still in development and the editors are in need of new media. They would be happy to accept any work that are shared to them via through email. You can contact editor in chief, Norah Laughter, through her email or you can also share it to where it will be received by both editors.