Netflix vs Hulu: Which Streaming Service is Worth the Cost?


By Kayleigh Cook, Reporter

It’s fair to say that Netflix and Hulu are two of the largest streaming services available to people around the world. While both companies are extremely successful, (Hulu has over 20 million subscribers and Netflix has over 130 million subscribers) most people you ask will have an opinion about which service is actually worth the cost for a subscription.

Personally I’ve had both Netflix and Hulu in the past and from first hand experience, I believe that between the two services, purchasing a Netflix subscription would be a better investment than purchasing a Hulu subscription.

When it comes down to the pricing of the streaming services Netflix definitely offers more than Hulu for about the same price.

The lowest cost of a Netflix or Hulu subscription is $7.99. For this cost Netflix can be watched on one screen (television, cell phone, computer) and has no commercials throughout the episode/movie the viewer is watching. Hulu also can be watched on one screen for this cost but there are commercials throughout the episode/series.

The next price for a Netflix or Hulu subscription only has a three dollar differential. For a $13.99 subscription on Netflix you can watch episodes/movies simultaneously on four screens in ultra high-definition with no commercials. A $11.99 subscription at Hulu only offers episodes/movies to be watched on one screen at a time, but with no commercials.

The best part about watching a series on a streaming service rather than on live television is, generally, there are no commercials. Hulu removes this luxury when making a customer pay four more dollars to stream something without commercials, allowing Netflix to quickly become a cheaper option with more luxuries than Hulu.

The content available on Netflix and Hulu only has a difference of about 1,429 total titles with Netflix having more television series/movies in total. However, each streaming service offers a larger amount of titles in specific areas.

Netflix offers a wide variety of movies while Hulu offers a wide variety of television shows. Although Hulu has more well-known television series than Netflix, Hulu doesn’t always offer all seasons of the show. For example, Hulu only offers the most recent episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, completely excluding the previous 14 seasons.

Although Netflix doesn’t premiere a new season of a show until said season is completely aired, any television show on Netflix almost always offers all seasons of the show. As of 2018 Netflix also has over 700 original series available for customers to watch. These well-know originals include Stranger Things, Orange is the Black, Thirteen Reasons Why, and House of Cards.

Another downfall to Hulu’s streaming service is that it only offers a maximum of 720p quality, unlike Netflix that offers full 1080p quality for $10.99. As someone who enjoys watching television in the best quality possible, the extra three dollar cost for high-definition quality on Netflix is definitely worth it.

In conclusion, Netflix offers more for a basic subscription than Hulu does, making Netflix more worth the cost.