The Tim Theory

By Trudy Connors, Reporter

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If you are a big fan of Tim Burton like I am, then you must know about “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Corpse Bride”, and “Frankenweenie” theory. The three films are connected by a boy and his dog. It begins with Tim Burton’s first animated film, “Frankenweenie.” The dog, Sparky, gets run over by a car. Victor decides to try and bring his dog back and succeeds. By the end of the movie, Victor says goodbye to his dog for good. He is then buried in the pet cemetery. This leads us to “Corpse Bride.” The main character is also named Victor and is said to be young Victor grown up. In the movie he meets Scrapes in the land of the dead, this is believed to be Sparky. He calls him Scrapes due to his memory being hazy from all those years ago. Now, last but not least, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” This is Victor in the afterlife, he is renamed Jack The Pumpkin King for proving he can handle frightening things due to being with the land of the dead. He has a dog named Zero, a ghost dog , who is actually Sparky and Scrapes in the afterlife. He loses his memory from his previous life and only knows himself as Jack. Therefore living his life forever with his dog by his side.

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