Inside Scoop In Marching Band (pt. 2)

By Mya Johnson, Reporter

With the first quarter coming to its end after next week, it leaves questions on how has the marching band here at the swamp been doing? Have they gotten better or do they need some more work to do?  Are they at a good point in the season? Or something like, has the band changed and is Mr. Collar proud of?

Well, Mr. Collar has the answers for these questions. ” The marching band has improved steadily from the beginning of school until now. They have fought through some hardships such as having band camp at another school, a hotter than usual September month, and the recent steady rain in our area. The band has more room to grow over the next 3 of the season leading up to the KMEA State Quarterfinals. Something that has changed about them is their confidence level. The band struggled early on with a more challenging show than we have ever attempted. More members are feeling comfortable in their roles, which makes the entire band stronger. Righ now, I believe that we are in a good place before Fall break. The show is completed and we will have to clean, refine, and add some emotion to the performance”