Dogs Suffer From Being Forced To Live Outside On Their Own


By Josie Huffman, Reporter

When people first adopt a pet, they have to think of the responsibility it takes to raise one. They have to think of the cost of its food and have to give the dog love and attention to keep it happy.

Dog owners however, have to think about if they have time to take it outside to play, get exercise, and use the bathroom. Sometimes they think that it is easier to just leave them outside permanently so they won’t have to play with them or remember to take them out.

Honestly, I don’t see the point of doing this; I, for one think that it’s cruel to leave your dog chained up in the back or limit them to a small fenced in area. It’s the same as a person staying in their room all day, every day. I know that if I had to stay in the same place for only a few hours I would get bored or irritated. However, some dog owners leave their dogs outside permanently; you can only imagine how bad they feel!

These dogs are forced to deal with extreme weather and only have their fur coat to protect them or the mild winds to keep them cool. When we stay inside with air conditioning and heat acting like nothing is wrong. Leaving them outside can lead to death from hypothermia or can cause the dogs to overheat. Also, they are more likely to get hurt by natural disasters. For example, if there is a tornado and you or your family has to take immediate shelter; the dog is unprotected outside and you won’t have time to shelter them before the tornado hits.

Recently, Hurricane Florence flooded the Southeast region of the United States. Many people left their dogs outside when evacuating. Six abandoned dogs were found pleading for help in Leland, North Carolina when they were locked outside as waters around them continued to rise rapidly. Luckily, a rescue team came and rescued them. By the time they were out and swimming towards the safest place, the water nearly toppled the dogs. If they didn’t rescue them at that time, they would’ve drowned. The owners would’ve had easier access to the dogs to help them escape if the dogs were inside the house.

Leaving your dog locked outside can also increase their chance of developing a disease. They can get rabies from other animal bites which is a virus that can affect the central nervous system and can cause swelling and irritation on the skin or in the brain. If your dogs get this from being outside for too long, they can bite or scratch you causing you to develop the disease as well.

Leaving your dog outside permanently will also increase their risk of getting fleas, ticks, or other external parasite. Not only does this make them uncomfortable and unhappy, but it can also lead to other diseases such as flea bite dermatitis, sarcoptic mange, demodectic mange, and scabies.

Overtime, outside dogs can also acquire bone problems from sleeping on the ground. The hard surface can cause long term bone damage such as hip dysplasia or arthritis.

Even though it may be easier to just leave your dog outside because it reduces the number of responsibilities you have, I think that it is selfish and irresponsible to leave your dog outside permanently! They could be living in a house with shelter, love, and care. They could live their life comfortably and not suffer for their whole life. Instead, several dog owners choose to adopt a dog that they don’t even take care of. Children are taken care of by their mothers just like dogs should be by their owners instead of being left to survive on their own! Dogs are so much safer and happier when they are loved and cared for.

Yes, it is good for dogs to be outside sometimes to get exercise and sunlight, but they shouldn’t be locked outside every day of each week. If you don’t plan on taking care of a dog properly and giving it the attention and technical care it needs then there isn’t a point of getting one at all. However, if you do decide to adopt a dog it shouldn’t be chained up or fenced in all of the time in order to keep it healthy, happy, and safe.