Artists Install Jason Statues in Lakes

Artists Install Jason Statues in Lakes

What Happened:

Located 120 feet underwater at the bottom of a popular Minnesota lake, the life-sized replica comes complete with an infamous hockey mask and a frightening machete. There have been many reportings of Jason statues being placed at the bottom of lakes.

Where Are These Statues Located?

Minnesota and Arizona are two of the places where there have been reportings of the Jason statues. The statue that was discovered most recently had been placed into Lake Pleasant in Arizona.

What’s In The Water:

The artist’ named Lahr placed the statue in the Crosby-area lake in Minnesota back in 2013, and although it has become more worn down and covered in algae, it’s managed to scare off a fair share of divers who frequently swim in the waters there. How would you react if you were diving and saw someone at the bottom of a lake and it’s dark? You wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s a person or a statue, and you would try to get away from that area as fast as possible.






About The One In The Arizona Lake:

The person that has placed this statue is named Nagy; he’s a 24 year old artist who placed the statue in the lake on May 19. It’s one of many items that he put at the bottom of the lake, which includes a poker table, chairs, four prop skeletons sitting in the chairs. A waterproof deck of cards, Christmas trees and even a Volkswagen.

One of the reasons that he made this statue because he was walking around and saw someone dressed as Jason and he has always liked making things. He came up with a crazy idea to make a Jason statue and place it at the bottom of a Lake with other cool things that have been placed underwater before.

How would you react if you were underwater with someone with a machete? You wouldn’t know what to do.






How Hard Was It:

To make this statue, it must have taken a lot of time and you would have to make sure how to make it without it getting destroyed when you place it into the water. If you spend a lot of time making something, you want it to last for a long time because you made it and would always want to see it. The public wants to keep the statue while the state wants the statues and everything placed at the bottom of the lakes removed even though barely anyone goes to those lakes because they made sure to place them in a non-popular lake.