Stray Bullet Kills Teen With Family

Stray Bullet Kills Teen With Family

What Happened:

The 14 year-old , Zackary Kempke was killed in front of his family when he was hit in the head from a stray bullet. They say that the stray bullet came from a group of nearby target shooters, authorities said. Zackary Kempke was sitting in the backseat of his family’s car, driven by his father, going down a dirt road, near the Monte Cristo Range in Utah.

Reason Why:

It’s understandable that there were shooters in that area because its open, beautiful, far away from everything. But if you are going somewhere to shoot make sure of your surroundings because you want to be safe and make everyone else safe. The family was probably driving around the Monte Cristo Range because of the beautiful views, quiet spot with you and your family, and would be amazing camping spot.

What Happened To Zackary? 

Zackary died instantly as a result of the 3 P.M shooting, according to the local reports. His family was not injured only he was. It is to believe that the bullet came from another family that was target shooting several hundred feet away. The family that were target shooting said they ” did not know there was a road down range and could not see the vehicles as it traveled the road due to the thick brush and trees.” The fatal incident appears to have been unintentional.

How Would You Feel? 

How would you feel if you are driving around with your family enjoying yourself and looking at the beautiful views and then randomly out of nowhere you hear glass shattering and your son in the backseat not breathing, suffering, not living anymore. What would you do? How will that effect you?

Nobody wants to every think about losing their family, especially their son/daughter due to some target shooters not knowing whats around and not paying any attention.