LeBron James To Star In New Space Jam 2


By Kouta Suzuki, Reporter

The highly anticipated Space Jam 2 will feature star basketball icon LeBron James. The movie will be directed by Terence Nance and Ryan Coogler who directed Black Panther. 

There have been many other speculations on if another NBA legend will join LeBron in Space Jam 2. Will it be Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, or Dwyane Wade? There are many questions to be answered about the new movie set to come out in 2021. What does Michael Jordan think of Space Jam 2 coming out? Will the Monsters come back? Who will be on the Tune Squad?

This movie has been highly awaited by many people. For example, Jonathan Duryea said, “I think it’s going to be a lot better than the first one.”

On the other hand, Ryan Jones says, “Jordan will always be number one whether its movies or basketball.”

But some people just watch it for joy, for example Mauricio Villavicencio stated, “I am very excited to see another Space Jam movie come out because the first one made my childhood dope.”

There is many controversy about Space Jam 2 coming out. Hopefully the movie will be as great or even better than the first one.