Refugee Counts are Starting to Dwindle for Bowling Green

By David Marquez, Reporter

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The International Center based in Bowling Green Kentucky accepts and relocates refugees coming to or in the United States. The center has helped relocated and move over 10,000 people, attempting to get away from things like human trafficking.

The center works closely with the American government ensuring that the refugees and other immigrants are with such a status that would support them and allow them to fully live and thrive within America. The center is fully open arms to any people seeking help to give any refugees prompt and proper attention.

Bowling Green and areas surrounding are being impacted by the flow of immigrants and refugees, with businesses heavily benefiting from the flow of people coming to America. With Bowling Green and surrounding areas growing and becoming more urbanized the constant flow of people is helping businesses grow and benefiting the city with more money from taxes and other things. With the constant flow of people and money from taxes, government buildings and services and growing. Schools are receiving more money as well are other buildings and businesses influenced by taxes.

Along with being a boost to the areas economy, the arrival of more people has boosted even more diversity within the area, with different people all around.

However, a recent low arrival count has come and without the arrival of people the agency directing the people is being hurt. Not only is the agency being hurt by the slower flow of people, but business is being hurt as well, owners of stores and shops that request workers for their local store from the agency, but the agency doesn’t have any.

The refugees that are given are usually excited to work long shifts, with working on holidays, and never trying to call in sick. With the hard workers like the refugees not coming in as much for the local companies and business, the owners and managers have to work on finding same less capable and reliable people.

With the arrival of President Donald Trump the pace of resettling of refugees has slowed down tremendously. When Obama was in office the allowed refugee count was 110,000, since then however things have dramatically slowed down. In 2016 the Obama administration had allowed in 85,000 refugees. The amount of refugees coming in has not been so high due to President Trump’s continuation to limiting immigration and trying to tighten policies.

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