Apple Or Android: A Breakdown Of The Tech Giants

By Norah Laughter, Reporter

Nowadays, nearly everyone owns a smartphone. They make communication easier and more efficient. They connect us a whole world online. People can send pictures and messages instantly with a simple tap. Smartphones are undeniably prominent in the media, as politics, news, and social media are now more accessible than ever. At one time, having a smartphone was very uncommon, but now people who don’t have a phone are considered behind in the modern world. Due to the fact that smartphones are such an integral part of contemporary life, there is a wide variety to choose from. There are different brands, different models, and different benefits.

The two most prevalent brands of smartphones today are Apple and Android (Samsung, LG, etc.) These tech giants dominate the electronic universe. The brands, while both sharing certain common characteristics, have differences that make them distinct. Fans of the companies debate often which type of phone is better. As someone who has had both phones, it all boils down to what you plan to use the device for.

Apple phones are favored by the teenage demographic. According to a study by Piper Jaffray, 76% of teens now own a iPhone, and 81% plan for their next phone to be an iPhone. Apple phones are more common among teens because they’re extremely prominent among celebrities. Owning an Apple phone is a status symbol. If you don’t have an iPhone, you’re behind. Older demographics are the opposite, as they prefer Samsung and LG. Majority of middle-aged people and elderly don’t see phones as a status symbol and instead a commodity.

My first phone was an iPhone 5. I really loved the features on it and found it was easy to use. All of my friends had an iPhone too, so I fit right in. After about a year, the iPhone 8 was released and my 5 became obsolete. I needed a new phone, so I talked to my dad about it. He works in IT, so he had no trouble finding me one. He brought me home an LG V20, which was pretty cool for about a week. Eventually I became bored of not having the same brand of device as my friends. Everyone used iPhone features (FaceTime, iOS, Apple Music, etc.) and I felt like I was being kept out of the loop, so I talked to my dad yet again. He switched me over to an iPhone 7, and frankly, I like it way better (even if it’s still not the latest iPhone).

For those who need a business phone that is simple, effective, and relatively inexpensive, Android is the way to go. Androids are extremely practical. Their apps and the personalization features make it easy to send emails, access Google apps (everything on my phone was connected to Google), and make calls. This is most likely a reason Android is more popular with adults.

Apple phones are better suited for those who want a device to connect them to social media and enjoyable messaging. They’re pretty expensive, but they work well if you make them last. They connect you more to your friends and to the world.

For me, Apple makes the most sense. I simply want to connect with friends and enjoy being a teenager. Don’t feel pressured to purchase a certain smartphone just because everyone else did, but instead make a smart purchase and do what will benefit your lifestyle the most.