Should in-class presentations be required in schools?

By Camden Schrader, Reporter

Many teens have been debating whether or not students should be forced to do in-class presentations. Many students dread these assignments because they must step out of their comfort zone for the sake of their grades.

Those who oppose the presentations mainly believe that students should be given another option.  Some are against it because many students cannot deliver the presentation well when the delivery is a grade, such as a 15 year old Massachusetts boy, Bennet, who says,”It feels like presentations are often more graded on delivery when some people can’t help not being able to deliver it well, even if the content is the best presentation ever,”  Others are against presentations because it makes many students uncomfortable, like Ula, a 14 year old, who said,”Nobody should be forced to do something that makes them uncomfortable,”

There are those who support in-class presentations.  They support it because they know almost all jobs require talking to groups of people. 90% of managers saying it’s one of the most sought-after skills that they want in employees. There was one woman who tweeted,”Coming from somebody with severe anxiety, having somebody force me to do a public presentation was the best idea to happen in my life.”  Class presentations improve leadership skills, and can increase a student’s confidence,and understanding of material.

While both sides make great arguments, moves are already being made.  Students are campaigning on social media to change in-class presentations and many other things as well.  As a result, many teachers have removed in-class presentations from their lessons.

Many Greenwood students have something to say on the matter.  Deven Dean says”, Even if you have anxiety you should try doing it because it can help with anxiety.”  Abby Butts stated”,In-class presentations are good because they help you later on when many jobs require speaking in front of others.”  Sera Ryherd said that in-class presentations should stay in school, but another option should be offered for students who have trouble speaking in front of large groups.Lastly, Nate Upchurch agrees that In-class presentations should stay in school while saying”,I think it helps people with social skills in the real world later on.”

Much of the info came from Teens are Protesting In-Class Presentations by Taylor Lorenz, September 12 2018.