Greenwood’s JV Soccer Season Update

By Kouta Suzuki, Reporter

Greenwood’s JV soccer team is currently 8-2-1. The JV team still has 4 more games before the season ends. So how is the Gator soccer team doing?

David Thang who is on the team said “I think we are doing great, but I really regret that we lost the 2 games, I really wanted to go undefeated this season.” Thang also went on saying, “But I think we really learned from the 2 losses and will finish the season off strong.”

Lian Chung who is a teammate of Thang said, “I think are team is doing a good job at staying healthy but our grades are really hurting players because several of us have not been able to play because of poor grades.” Chung also stated, “gator nation will be expecting a hard playing team for the last 3 games of the season”

As the season ends, make sure to go check out your Gator soccer team. On Sep 20, our Gators play Christian County at The Swamp at 5:30 p.m. On Sep 25, gators play Daviess County at The Swamp at  5:30 p.m. On Oct 2, our Gators play Owensboro at The Swamp at 6 p.m. On Oct 4, our Gators play Logan County at The Swamp at 2 p.m.