Greenwood’s Favorite College Football Teams


By Nate Upchurch, Reporter

The college football season has recently started in the NCAA and I wanted to find out what teams the students and staff are rooting for.

First I asked Coach Ingram what team he liked. Coach Ingram is a fan of the Tennessee Volunteers because of family living there. Coach hasn’t gone to any games due to being too busy.

Mr. Holder is a fan of the Kentucky Wildcats because he liked them since he was a kid and hasn’t gone to any games this season, but has gone to games before.

Mrs. Whittinghill is a fan of the Austin Peay Governors because her nephew plays football at the college, but is a bigger fan of the NFL team, Cincinnati Bengals, due to her husband being from Ohio.

Mrs. Jameson is a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide because she lived there when she was a kid and was a big fan of Coach Bear Bryant, and was devastated when he passed away in 1983.

Mr. Hazard is also a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide because of current Coach Nick Saban because he  “Tells it how it is.” as Mr. Hazard says in the interviews of Coach Saban.

Junior, Horace Graham, is a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs because he use to live in Georgia and saw Todd Gurley and has been to games seasons before.