Mrs. Stranz an Astonishing Former Gymnast

By Lily Vo, Reporter

Mrs. Stranz teaches health here at Greenwood high school. She’s a very optimistic person and loves to teach her subject. This is her first year teaching at Greenwood. Despite a new environment after becoming a health teacher, she devotes her time and effort to share the awareness of the risks of health problems to her students.

Before teaching, Mrs. Stranz had a career in gymnastics. She did gymnastics for 18 years and coached for 6 years during her time of training. Without a doubt, she still reminisces about her time coaching gymnastics and enjoys the memories she had working with talented young gymnasts.

Mrs. Stranz trained at Logan County Gymnastics (LCG). Throughout her years in pursuing the career of gymnastics she has witnessed many opportunities in working with several skillful people. She says that one of her most memorable experiences was working with a girl who was in the Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics is an athletic competition in which handicapped athletes compete in different countries worldwide. They practiced a special type of gymnastics called rhythmic gymnastics. Mrs. Stranz explains that rhythmic gymnastics is, “where they use the ribbon and the clubs” and combine elements of dance, ballet, and gymnastics all in one.

She states, ” She’s been to Greece and China; she’s competed for the Olympics.” Mrs. Stranz refers to “she” as the girl who she had work with that was in the Olympics. She expresses her gratitude towards the young gymnast and cherishes it as a big achievement to see her student accomplish greater things.

Besides from her experience with her past students she has also had memories training as a gymnast. Mrs. Stranz reveals that her most memorable moment was when she succeeded in learning a new skill.

When asked what her best memory was she states,”Probably the number one would be, there was a skill that I never thought I could get, but I ended up getting it one year after it took me four years to get it….. it was a back hand spring on beam…something I thought was kind of cool.” Through this great achievement, Mrs. Stranz never failed to give off a determined personality. She encourages that anyone can succeed in what they want if they work hard for it and never give up.

After her career in Gymnastics she was motivated to take part in something she has always been interested in, health. Mrs. Stranz explains,” Health has always been one of those things i’m interested in. When I started taking health classes in college, that’s when I really realized that health was my passion.” She finds that her true passion is health and wishes to becomes someone people could learn from.

Now as a retired gymnast Mrs. Stranz plans to achieve greater things as a teacher and hopes that she can help many others succeed as well. She states her goal,”I just hope that I can motivate someone to.. you know.. be a better them, does that makes sense?” Her response is very wholehearted and she has a very positive reach to her goal. She makes the most of everything and always lends out a helping hand to anyone.

I suppose anyone who has her is very lucky to have a kind and generous teacher like her. Future students can look forward to her lessons and appreciate her devotion to the class.