Art Wolphagen Does Not Participate In Art!


By Brittany Brown, Student Life Editor

Art Wolphagen, the guy who’s #1 on the field and #1 in your heart!

Wolphagen is a senior here at Greenwood and feels that it is overwhelming because, “I think, I kind of took a lot of things for granted in high school and it just came by really fast.” He says that his favorite thing about Greenwood is Mr. Emerson, “He’s probably one of the coolest teachers I’ve ever had!” But he is not very cheerful about the lunch.

He is involved in FBLA and Choir. “When I was little my family was really into music and all that so, I guess just growing up, just listening to music, I always had a love for music. In eighth grade, somebody told me to join choir and I was like, ‘Okay I’ll try it out’ and it’s just something that I just started loving.” He recently auditioned for All-State. “It was pretty fun, but it was really nerve-racking but overall, it was a really good experience!”

He has a little brother and two older sisters. His sister, he says, has helped him the most along the way to get him to where he is today. “When I was younger my parents got a divorce and my dad always needed help watching me and help raising me. My sister, she basically raised me and helped me a lot!” He was born in Dallas, Texas and he moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky in 2013.

Mr. Emerson is his favorite teacher because “He makes learning so much fun and he’s just so cool and goofy and everything about him is just awesome!”

If he was stuck on a deserted on a deserted island he would bring a lifetime supply of water, his Bible, a rocket launcher, he’ll bring a lighter, and a dog.

And always remember, “I’m the star football player with the #9 on my back; look out for me on the field!”