Counter Strike Stays True to its Roots

Counter Strike Stays True to its Roots

By Deven Dean, Reporter

Counter Strike Global Offensive, or CS-GO, is an exhilarating FPS and always will be if they stay true to its roots. An update hit recently added a new gun to the game. That showed that the game is still there and still good. The community is never going to grow old.

Like a lot of communities, it can be toxic, but you learn to love it. and sure there some people who are just toxic and lots of hackers that are annoying but that doesn’t define the entire community.

CS:GO has maps like Dust II and Office. Dust II is a long-range map and Office is a short-range map. There are maps like Inferno where there are spots for both short- and long-range. All of these maps are fun and the player uses strategy to plant a bomb or defend a hostage.

The game works like this, there are 10 rounds with 2 minutes every round. If you win, you get money for a gun like AWP, A1M1, Negev, ect. Each gun is different: AWP is a bolt-action sniper; the M1A1 is a medium-range machine gun; and a Desert Eagle is a high-powered pistol for short to medium range.

If you’re playing a map like Dust II you have to either defend two bomb sites or plant a bomb at either bomb site. Maps such as Office is a hostage gamemode map where you either defend a hostage or capture that hostage. If you die you do not respawn, so play smart.

In competitive mode, you have same maps and game modes but there are only five people on a team so communication is crucial. Your rank tells you and other players your skill that it has determined from your time in competitive mode.

I give this game 10 out of 10. I love it and I think you would too. Try it out it for only $15 on STEAM.  I hope to see you soon in the warzone of CS:GO!

Special thanks to Camden Schrader for editing this.