Matthew Perry revealed hospitalization after 3 months


By Sera Ryherd, Reporter

The lovely Matthew Perry known as our beloved Chandler Bing off of a very popular show called, “Friends” has been hospitalized for the past 3 months. Even disappeared from Twitter longer than that, his last twitter post was March 23rd.

A few days ago, Perry posted on his twitter, “Three months in a hospital bed. Check.”

It was reported back in August that he went under surgery to repair a gastrointestinal perforation. “He is grateful for the concern and asks for continued privacy he heals.” Perry told someone. It was said that it was reported Perry was going home this past Saturday.

It has also been reported that Perry has suffered with a drug addiction and an alcohol addiction.  He suffered from an alcohol addiction even before he started Friends. He got addicted to Vicodin, it was prescribed to him. His addiction got even worse due to Vicodin and alcohol. Perry made his first trip to rehab back in 1997. So he could try to get rid of his pill addiction. It was stated he was there for 28 times. Perry said that he forgot about Friends for 3 years, it was a little blurry to him. He barely remembers of anything from season 3 to season 6 due to alcohol and the drugs.