Apple Products Reign Over Samsung Devices

By David Marquez, Reporter

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Apple and Samsung, the most popular distributors of cell phones and other products. Both companies competitively compete to be the top in the cell phone business each year coming out with new updates or technology to get a edge above the other.

Throughout the years of these companies constantly battling out, the question arises in who is is better, and I would say Apple.

Apple a company in which has reached one trillion dollars in value, was the first to do so closely followed by Amazon. Apple has been in business for forty-two years, since its start in 1976. Samsung a company that has been around far longer still lacks that of Apple’s value and look over all. Samsung the older company still has yet to surpass Apple in overall worth and value.

Apple devices create a better feel, than the weird black and depressing feel  of the Samsung phones. Apple a younger and more clean company creates modern and clean looking phones, and devices.

Each year Apple unveils its new line of products ranging from its phones, to its watches. Apple refreshes its product line each year, adding upgrades to existing products, or showcasing new pieces of technology.

Samsung, seems to not gain as much insight in a reveal event where Apple dominates, the more recent Galaxy phone the Galaxy Note9 had multiple commercials amping up the reveal but to me fell short of what it was bringing, the “hype” had relatively no feel towards me, but with the Apple conference, which this year brought a lot more to the table, came up more to me, it felt like it meant more than when the Galaxy phone was advertised.

The new products consist of upgrades to previous models that create basically new phones, along with a new version of the Apple Watch. They introduced more technology options to go along with their new phones. In 2017 the Iphone X was announced. With this phone it brought things such as facial recognition to the Apple line up.

Samsung while also bringing in new technological options, still lacks the options Apple has or there options are outdone by Apple and its superiority in new updates.

While both technology companies battle for the special look and features of their product simple things like the interface can also influence a person’s thought. The Samsung interface is confusing and jumbled up, pushing certain features that crowd the area of the phone. The Apple interface clean and cut, it simple to navigate, and looks to be tightly and neatly made.

While Samsung phones are cheaper and offer a free environment than Apple, they still lack the overall feel and trust Apple gives.

Apple phones win in all over superiority and trust from its users, while expensive it makes up in quality of the product. Quality rewards in its large user base, and its constant high in the technology game.

Quality is everything and the longer its used, the slower it gets. Apple phones may start to slow down over time, but at least that don’t explode.

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