The Benefits and Disadvantages of Camping


By Josie Huffman, Reporter

There are many benefits of camping that make it enjoyable for people.

Some benefits of camping are:

  1. Spending time with your loved ones.
  2. S’mores.
  3. Swimming and other water activities.
  4. Exercise and sports.
  5. Hiking.
  6. Sight seeing (Landscapes and animals).
  7. Fresh air.
  8. Camp Fires.
  9. Ghost stories.
  10. Helps relieve stress (get away from work or school).

Even though there are many benefits and fun activities you can do while camping there is also a down fall.

Some disadvantages of camping are:

  1. Bugs (bug bites).
  2. Bad weather (too cold, hot, or rainy).
  3. Expensive equipment.
  4. No internet.
  5. Share a bathroom with everyone at the campsite.
  6. Loud bugs and animals at night.
  7. Getting sun burnt.
  8. Limited food.
  9. Get dirty easily.
  10. Could get bored easily.