Thanksgiving’s Eve by Yung Gravy

Thanksgiving's Eve by Yung Gravy

By Eduardo Urvina

December 24, 2016, the rapper know as Yung Gravy released a album titled Thanksgiving’s Eve, which is ironic because it was released of Christmas Eve. Anyways the album contained six tracks on it

Splash Mountain

Mrs. Gravystone ft. Mia Gladstone

You Betcha ft. Ihatesundays

Flex on Christmas

Apple Jacks

Karen PT. 2

All of the listed tracks are explicit and contain some adult language.

Thanksgiving’s Eve is based off of well Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Gravy trying to pipe moms. All of the songs have Gravy telling a story of him flexing or trying to get some, and some of the storied take place near, during, or on Christmas and Thanksgiving. The album will you give some chill vibes, candy for your ears, and a craving for some turkey, mashed potatoes, and a little it of gravy.