The Haunting of Western Kentucky University


By Josie Huffman, reporter

Western Kentucky University started off small many years ago and now has many different departments. Most of these buildings have been reputed to be haunted.

Students have said that there have been mysterious happenings around the campus. However, some say that all of this is made up to scare the new coming freshman.

For example, one of the haunted buildings is the Academic Complex. This was previously a hospital, but has now been converted into multiple classrooms. Visitors, staff members, and students have heard strange noises and have caught a glimpse of a ghostly figure. Some have even witnessed a CD player play by itself.

Another part of the building that is said to be haunted is the Barnes-Campbell Hall. In this area a student fell down an elevator shaft many years ago resulting in their death. Their spirit is rumored to randomly start showers and slam chairs against walls.

In the Helm Library a student once fell from the ninth floor attempting to open a window. This library is said to now be haunted by their spirit.

Also, if you go to the McClean Hall there is a picture of Mattie McClean hanging. Many people say that if you stare at her picture for long enough it will smile back at you.

The Van Meter Auditorium is also haunted by a spirit that died at a catwalk. It has been told, despite the fact that the stage has been re-floored, his blood stain still remains there.

Scratches on windows and doors have also been caused by a student who jumped to her death in Rhodes Harlin Hall.

In fact, a student hanged herself in the basement in 1977. They now say that she haunts former Potter Hall which is now used as the registrar’s office.

This information is yet to be proven. However, true or not it builds character within the university to let students have fun with their story telling and investigating the building that is said to be haunted.