‘The Nun’ Fell Short of Its Promises


By Lily Vo, Reporter

The movie, “The Nun,” directed by Corin Hardy, was recently released in theaters. The thought of this horror film has left many in anticipation, after the well-established movie series, “The Conjuring” and “The Conjuring 2.” The movie is supposedly a follow-up to the series that goes deeper into the story behind the feared demon who appeared in the second “Conjuring.”

“The Nun” is set in the land of Romania. After the word gets out about the recent death of a young nun from an isolated convent, the Vatican sends two people out to investigate the matter. One being an apprentice nun who has yet to accept her final vows and the other is a priest with a tormented past.

They both venture out only to find the unholy secret that lies ahead. Together they risk their lives, hopes, and even souls to face a powerful, malignant force. This force takes on the form of the demonic nun which first appeared in “The Conjuring 2.” The two team up to defeat the malicious being, as they fight the battle between the living and condemned.

Although this movie had high expectations, it was quite a disappointment in many ways, such as it lacked a bit of story. The film overall felt more dull and flat in the plot line than any of the other movies in the series. For example, there wasn’t much to the story behind the malicious nun. Many expected that the feared demon would have a grave and scary background, but it was none other than a quick, plain story that was very anti-climactic. They built so much tension and mystery behind our demonic nun only for it to result in a B-rated movie about an evil duke who decided one day that he wanted to play with dead bodies.

The cinematic qualities were quite poor due to the rather cheap-looking corpses. Most props that appear in the film looked very poorly constructed and did not look real at all. However, the performances by Taissa Farmiga, Demián Bichir, and Jonas Bloquet, who played our three main leads, were astounding. They portrayed their characters exceptionally well despite the fact that the movie wasn’t well written.

The Conjuring universe definitely brought us some refreshing horror movies that would’ve had us hiding under our covers or perhaps not being able to go to the bathroom by ourselves for a week, but “The Nun” definitely didn’t fulfill that role. If they were to make more movies I would hope for them to put more thought into forming a solid story rather than having a Marilyn Manson look alike, squeaky doors, rich men who like to play with demons and calling it a movie.