Getting to Know Mrs. McGinty


By Mya Johnson, Reporter

Mrs. McGinty is the Student Council sponsor and the best teacher to play Kahoot! with. This school year marks her ninth year in teaching. Her first year of teaching was here at The Swamp, followed by four years at Warren Central, and then back to Greenwood. Nine years of teaching is a lot, but it could also fly by fast as it did for Mrs. McGinty.

Some people may wonder if a high-school teacher would ever consider going to lower grades? Not for Mrs. McGinty. She doesn’t really do lower grades. Understandable, they are a lot to handle. But her husband rather likes it; he teaches at Alvaton Elementary. Although Mrs. McGinty questions his choices. One year she substituted for a middle school class, of which she said, “[I] wouldn’t go back.”

As a teacher, you choose a school that draws your attention. The reason why Mrs. McGinty chose Greenwood is interesting. In college, Mrs. McGinty and her husband were both looking for teaching jobs. To make it fun, whoever found a job first would be the place where they would live. Mrs. McGinty got the job, and Bowling Green was the move!

All teachers have gone to school, and they all aren’t straight-A students! McGinty wasn’t that great at math. Though her high school thought so, as she was placed in AP math classes. For years she had always wanted to become better at math and make it her strong suit. What is her strong suit? You guessed it! English! She has loved it since high school. But it never came to mind that she would teach it.

This year, Mrs. McGinty was chosen to be a sponsor for Student Council. She informed me that a big bonfire will be held in October. Oar Club is going to give a hand in this event. And also, a dance will be held in January.

A cool fact or one you may have known, McGinty’s room was once the choir room. She believes that the back wall was built there to make what is her room now. When the room was open to the teachers, she was the one to grab it and no one fought her for it.

Mrs. McGinty’s favorite topic to teach her students is reading short stories. The way the whole plot system of the story and the characters are told draws her in. “How kids now watch Netflix, it reminds them of that, but in words,” says Mrs. McGinty. Mrs. McGinty and her students both enjoy the lessons so when the time comes for it, it’s exciting!

She has a four-year-old daughter, and her niece, a 7th-grader at Drakes, lives with her and her husband. Most of her time is spent playing with her daughter or going to her niece’s cheer meets. When she has the time and there is a good movie that catches her eye, she will go to the movies.