The Greenwood International Club Encourages Diversity


By Lily Vo, Reporter

The International Club consists of a group of students from all ethnic backgrounds who dedicate their time to share their culture with one another. The club is sponsored by Ms. Towe and Mr. Dethridge, both teachers at Greenwood. This year is Ms. Towe’s 10th year as an ESL teacher. She encourages all her international students as well as making them feel welcomed here at Greenwood.

The club has many exciting things planned for this year. Which includes the International Club attending the International Festival on the 29th of September as a group. The club also does a lot of charity work for their students. The students work diligently to raise awareness about the different cultures we are exposed to but never really heard much about.

Another activity planned for the International Club is that they will also be hosting their own International Festival here at Greenwood. They will be bringing the festival here to celebrate with the Greenwood students, letting them experience the event at school.

The group will also be hosting the “Taste of the Nations”, which is an event where all students at Greenwood will have the opportunity to taste a variety of foods that originated from different cultures. This allows students to open their eyes to try different things that aren’t really common here in the states.

We are happy to accept students to join the International Club and if under any circumstances you can’t join now there’s always next year. We welcome anyone and are happy to share our diversity with newcomers. We hope to flourish in spreading our differences and leading the International Club to a successful path in the near future.