Top 5 Rivalries In Soccer

By Nate Upchurch, Reporter

5. Timbers VS Sounders 

The ‘Cascadia Cup’ is when the Portland Timbers and the Seattle Sounders play each other. The two teams have played a total of 101 game where the Sounders have won 53 and the Timbers won 48 games. This rivalry played last August 26th where Seattle beat Portland 1-0. This Rivalry makes the fans very tense and very exciting to watch.

4. Arsenal VS Hotspurs 

Know as the North London Derby, the two teams of Arsenal and Hotspurs face off. The two teams played 195 times where Arsenal has won 81 matches while the Hotspurs have won 63 matches and tied 51 times. The largest win occurred on March 6th, 1935 when Arsenal beat the Hotspurs 6-0.

3. Real Madrid VS Athletico Madrid 

The Madrid derby is when Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid play each other. They have played each other a total of 160 times where Real Madrid has won 86 times and Athletico Madrid has won 39 times and they have tied 37 times. Their next meeting will be September 29, 2018.

2. Manchester City VS Manchester United 

The Manchester is when Manchester United and Manchester City face off. They have played a total of 176 games. In those games Manchester United has won 73, Manchester City has won 51 and they have drawn 52 games. The top scorer in these games is Wayne Rooney with 11 total goals.

1. Barcelona VS Real Madrid 

El Classico is when FC Barcelona and Real Madrid play each other. This rival holds a lot of tension between the players and the fans, which puts on a good show for the fans. The two teams have played a total of 271 matches where Barcelona has won 112 matches, Real Madrid with 99 wins, and 60 total draws. Lionel Messi has the most goals in this match up with 26 goals.