Why Are People Burning Nike?


What Do You Think?

Have you seen the new ad with Colin Kaepernick? 

Its a ad for their 30th anniversary and they want to make it special by making a ” Just Do It ” campaign and becoming the next big thing but they should’ve thought about the consequences of having Colin Kaepernick be the person to do it.

What Did Colin Kaepernick Do? 

Colin is the first person in the NFL that took a kneel during the National Anthem for a protest against police brutality and he has just been named the new face of Nike’s ” Just Do It ” campaign for the 30th anniversary.

What Are People Doing? 

People are protesting against Nike and threatening to boycott them by burning Nike items, from clothes, shoes, backpacks, and everything that has that name and symbol.

What Other People Think About This? 

People that have been in the war don’t like it because they don’t want the face of Nike to be someone who disrespects the flag by kneeling during the National Anthem because of his views on the country’s treatment of racial minorities.