International Festival Celebrates Diversity

Annual festival takes place in Circus Square Park on Sept. 29

International Festival Celebrates Diversity

By Lily Vo, Reporter

On the last Saturday in September each year, the International Festival is celebrated to represent all cultures in our society. It is held at the Circus Square Park in downtown Bowling Green. Many people visit to connect with others from different backgrounds to grasp an understanding of their daily lives.

People of all race and ethnic backgrounds can come and partake in displaying some of their most popular aspects to their culture. Regardless of it being their language, food, clothing, music, or activities, they all have the opportunity to share it with others.

Diversity plays a big part in the international festival. It is a time where everyone can be themselves and be different in a unique way. It is a time of expression, of being able to fully be themselves without having to integrate within social norms. Their cultural differences are what makes them special.

Not only is the international festival fun and enjoyable but it is also a great learning experience for anyone who seeks to attend. It is an opportunity for everyone to learn about traditions and facts about different ethnic groups.

The festival presents many activities and booths that you can interact with. Also, restaurants will be hosting their own booths there as well. And last but not least there will also be people performing at the festival to show their family traditions through music and dancing.