Know Your Horoscope!

By Trudy Connors, Reporter

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March 20 – April 20

Element: Fire

Ruler: Mars

Symbol: The Ram


Aries are known to be direct, straightforward, and uncomplicated. They expect the same for others and are confused when they don’t always get it.The body comes first with Aries. Aries are natural athletes, so it’s natural for them to use their bodies to get things done.

They’re not into drawn-out emotional moments. They live their lives simply. Impatience is a definite trait and innovation is a huge strength. Aries love to start anything new, and they have trouble sitting still.

Aries generally know what they want, and they know the quickest way to get it. Some Aries are bold, but even the quieter ones are brave. Independence is their birthright. Aries enjoys challenges and are happiest when their lives are moving forward and active.



April 21-May 21

Element: Earth

Ruler: Venus

Symbol: The Bull


Taureans are perserving, strong individuals, who can be quite “bull-headed.”

Taurus delight in pleasures. They find comfort in food, a comfortable blanket, a richly colored aquarium to look at, the smell of flowers or rain, melodies from stereos, and so forth. Some might say they live through their senses more than most. When Taurus work, they work hard. They do it with steadiness that may be considered quick, it’s a dependable and steady effort that has it’s payoffs. Security is very important to Taurus, some search hard for wealth, while others are content with being comfortable. Although hard-working, their fixed and comfort-loving nature sometimes makes them appear lazy. This is only because they seperate work and leisure so well.

Taureans stick with things and ideas, and therefore is one of the reasons why they are known for their stubbornness.



May 21- June 20

Element: Air

Ruler: Mercury

Symbol: The Twins


Geminis are known to be quite clever and witty, they enjoy intellectual conversations and they are easily bored if they are not getting enough mental stimulation.

Often good with fitting in with others, Geminis easily adopt the moods of those around them. They are friends with people from all walks of life, and they are not easily intimidated. Their ability to detach themselves can make Geminis very objective and observant, but a little difficult to get close to. Although they often have many friends, intimacy doesn’t come as easily. It can be very difficult to know what Gemini really feels at any given moment.

They are often very impressionable and scattered. There is usually a nervous air to Geminis that can make more personal characters uneasy. Geminis are both interesting and interested. Their wit can be dazzling and changeability dizzying. Their tendency to take things lightly makes them quite pleasing to be around; but it can be maddening to people seeking support on deeper issues in life. They enjoy the “light” side of life.



June 21-July 22

Element: Water

Ruler: Moon

Symbol: The Crab


Cancers have a strong survival instinct. They are protective of those they care about. They are often quite resistent about sharing their inner selves to the rest of the world. Cancers have a reputation for moodiness. Cancer needs roots. They resist change to an extent, and concern themselves about being secure and safe in most everything they do.

Cancers can be quite intrigued by objects with history attached to them, like antiques, photos, souvenirs, etc.

Cancer is a very sensitive sign,and they don’t always appreciate it when you are blunt with them. Their reactions to hurt will depend on how thick a shell they have developed. Most Cancers react by withdrawing or retreating.

Some have developed an ability to manipulate others to get what they want. Cancers are quite yielding and soft when you have them in the right mood. They are one of the most hospitable signs of the zodiac. Sure, they can be touchy and indirect, but they are dependable,caring souls.



July 23-August 22

Element: Fire

Ruler: Sun

Symbol: The Lion


Leos are dignified folk. Leos do have a reputation for being conceited, but this isn’t exactly the case. Leos do feel important, but this generally is directed towards wanting to change the world in some way. They are motivated by affection for people, and often have big dreams and plans to make people happy. The worst thing you can do to a Leo is accuse them of bad intentions. Displaying behavior that makes them think you don’t appreciate them runs a close second.

These happy, jovial people become very hurt when others don’t see them for their noble intentions. They are known to be very loyal, and sometimes rather traditional, Leos hold on to situations and people for a very long time before they give up.

There is an idea to Leo’s view of the world and people in it. Although on the surface, Leos appear rather confident, they can actually be some of the most humble souls around. They are first to blame themselves when something goes wrong. Instead of being conceited, self-absorbed show-offs, they are usually very self-aware, self-conscious, and, yes, humble.



August 23 – September 22

Element: Earth

Ruler: Mercury

Symbol: The Madien


It is actually rare to find the stereotypical nitpicky, “clean freak” Virgos. Virgo people are generally respectable, hard-working individuals who have a love of knowledge. Virgos love “natural” and a purity of spirit that keeps Virgos feeling self-sufficient and self-contained, at least on the surface.

Virgos are sensitive to their surroundings, and they tend to embarrass easily. They are usually uncomfortable when faced with anything or anyone new. But, once they are comfortable, they can talk up a storm.

People often confuse Virgos curiosity for passion. Their willingness to explore is often kept at an intellectual level. However, Virgos are often well respected and valued in their circles for their loyalty, research skills, willingness to lend a hand, and their excellent powers of observation. They are generally kind and helpful souls who, when appreciated, do everything to make things work.



September 23 – October 23

Element: Air

Ruler: Venus

Symbol: Scales


Libras are thought to be sociable, somewhat intellectual people. They have an innocent way about them that makes them very approachable. Libras are peace-loving. Libras enjoy balance in their lives, they seek the middle ground. In the process, they may end up trying to be everything to everyone. This is where the reputation for untruthfulness comes from.


Libras are known for looking for the “best” way or the “right” way. Harmony is the ultimate goal, but their high expectations can mean plenty of discontent. Since life gives us an amount of choices, if Libra doesnt learn to live in the moment at least some of the time, they’ll be in a constant state of unrest. Libras are a bundle of energy, romantic and loyal to the core. Libras need to be on the lookout for their lower backs, though, which tend to shoulder any burdens they may be carrying.




October 24 – November 22

Element: Water

Ruler: Mars

Symbol: The Scorpion


Scorpios are known for their intensity. They are very determined that throw themselves into whatever they do, but getting them to commit to something is rarely an easy thing.  Scorpios have their own mind.

To others, Scorpios seem to have plenty of willpower. They probably do. Scorpios do know what they want, and they won’t go out and grab it at the wrong moment. They simply sit back, watch, and then get it only when the moment is just right. This patience is simply their powerful skills at work.

Scorpio isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. The darker side of life intrigues them, and they’re always ready to explore it.

Scorpios simply never give up. They have tremendous staying power. They’re not in the slightest intimidated by anybody or anything. Confrontations are not a problem. In fact, talk to any Scorpio about their lives, and you’ll probably be in awe at all they’ve gone through. Trauma seems to follow them wherever they go. When Scorpio learns optimism, instead of expecting the worst, they’ll find that they have amazing powers to heal, create, and transform.



November 23 – December 21

Element: Fire

Ruler: Jupiter

Symbol: The Archer

Sagittarius are restless, cheerful, and friendly. They have a lot of love for freedom, and a hate for routine. Generally quite easygoing, Sagittarians make friends with people from all walks of life. They love to laugh and tease, and get along well with others.

Sagittarians have an often blind faith in people and the world. Their optimism is infectious, although it can get them into trouble from time to time. These curious people who love to learn. Their idealistic nature is hard to miss.

Although generally easygoing, Sagittarius is a fire sign. So they have a pretty quick temper. Fortunately, they’re as quick to forget what got them angry in the first place.

The need for escape is generally strong, and some Sagittarians come across as a little irresponsible. They’re easy to forgive, after all, their direct, honest approach in life is admirable.



December 22 – January 20

Element: Earth

Ruler: Saturn

Symbol: The Goat


Capricorn is a feet-on-the-ground, eye-on-the-prize sign. They have a realistic, grounded approach to life that can be seen clearly. These people know how to do things, and to get things done.

Capricorns naturally turn their backs on things they think are not serious. They are much concerned with things that are worthwhile and that includes their own lives. Capricorns want to do and be something worthwhile. They need to feel useful and effective in the real world in order to be satisfied with their lives.

Capricorns like to pare things down, and take pleasure in the simple things in life. However, many are attracted to the status  symbol and will wear the best clothes and drive quietly impressive cars.

Capricorns can be rather lonely people, although they rarely let it show. They are often a little reserved, even a little standoffish. This is generally because they value all things practical, and they’ll seldom wear their emotions on their sleeves.



January 21 – February 18

Element: Air

Ruler: Uranus

Symbol: The Water-Bearer


Aquarius aim to free themselves of personal and social interaction. Although open to change, Aquarians can be suprisingly stubborn. They are very fixed in their opinions.

Often a bit standoffish, Aquarians are nonetheless well-liked. They are curious and observant, and tolerant. Prejudice and bias is offensive to the typical Aquarius. Aquarians are generally very clever, witty, and intellectual.

Aquarius are open and forthright. “Be true to yourself” and “Don’t follow the crowd” are mottos easily associated with this sign.


Aquarians need space and value personal freedom. Any attempt to box them in will likely fail. They’ll return the favor, and they’ll treat people equally. Equality and fairness are hallmarks of the sign. If you’re quirky and “different”, all the better.



February 19 – March 20

Element: Water

Ruler: Neptune

Symbol: The Fish


Pisces are frequently pegged as wishy-washy, but this is all a matter of opinion. What you will find directionless, spacey manner is a deep person with real dreams. Their dreams are tuned to a higher purpose and their dreams are individual. Pisces have a deep love for humanity and compassion that has no bounds.

Pisces are very sensitive. They are sensitive to criticism and senitive to others feelings. Pisces honestly wouldn’t hurt a fly. They believe in people, are deeply hurt by compassionless human behavior, and have a hard time saying no.

Harsh realities are avoided through escapist behavior or self-delusion. Pisces retreat to their own world, self-pitying and giving pep talks to themselves. Rest assure, these periods are rather short and even useful. Pisces seem to use their energy from self-pity. They come back stronger, ready to face the world again.

Pisces is the poet or artist with angst with spaced out behavior and absentmindedness amount to irresponsibility. Pisces is clueless to this though.

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