Dear Abby, What is Perfect?

By Abby Butts, Reporter

My name is Abby, I am fourteen, and in my free time I like to practice makeup looks, read, listen to music, and watch T.V. Dear Abby is a column I’m starting revolving around beauty and self care, I want to impart my knowledge on this subject with others.  

I bet that at one time or another you’ve felt insecure or self-conscious of something about yourself, and I can almost completely guarantee that it was something you had no control over.  

Girls and women alike are expected to live up to impossible standards.  It’s gotten to a point that it is believed that all females should fit one appearance type.  Thin (almost alarmingly so), silky hair, perfect skin, large chest, etc.

It’s O.K if you do look like this and still feel insecure, we all have something we want to change about ourselves, the point is that the majority of the time the things we are criticized for are things we can’t control.

This has become an issue of epic proportions.  We are all not the same person, we have different likes and dislikes, different eye colors, hair colors, skin colors, and most importantly we all have different dispositions.

So why do we all have to be perfect? The answer is…we don’t. We are all beautiful in our own ways. No one should have to change themselves to conform to the expectation of today’s society.    

Don’t allow others to bring you down; you are amazing all in your own way and if they have a problem with it, they can just look away because you are too busy being fabulous to worry about what some self-entitled simpleton has to say.