Top 10 Players In MLS Ever


By Nate Upchurch, Reporter

There have been many wonderful players that have played in the MLS and here is my list of the best players in the league.

10. Josef Martinez 

Josef Martinez, of Atlanta United, currently broke the MLS all time goals record with 28 goals and doesn’t show any sign of stopping. He has led Atlanta United to the first spot in the eastern conference. Josef has played in 26 matches this season and has scored 28 goals and also has 3 assists.

9. Cobi Jones 

Cobi Jones Spent his MLS career with the LA Galaxy when they first joined the league and also scored their first goal. Cobi was born in Detroit, Michigan and when to UCLA for college. Cobi Jones had a total of 70 goals in MLS and ninety one assists. Cobi was in the MLS from 1996-2007.

8. David Villa 

David Villa is a Spanish legend. He plays for NYC FC and signed with the team back in 2014 and has played with them for 4 years. In the 4 years he has had seventy 3 goals, 25 assists, and started in 102 games. He helped lead NYC FC into the 2nd seed in the east.

7. Chris Wondolowski 

Chris Wondolowski is still currently in MLS and is playing for the San Jose Earthquakes. Chris started his career with the SJ Earthquakes in 2005 and then played for the Houston Dynamo from 2006-2009 and then played for the Earthquakes from 2009-current day. He currently has 141 goals, 38 assists, and started in 271 games.

6. Tony Meola 

Tony Meola with go down as the best goal keeper in the MLS. He started his career in 1996 with the New York MetroStars from 1996-1998 then played for the Kansas City Wizards from 1999-2004 but then went back to the MetroStars for 2005 then ended his career with the New York Red Bulls in 2006. He recorded 62 shutout and 1136 saves and 26 penalty kick goals scored.

5. Eddie Pope 

Eddie Pope is a world class defender. Eddie started his career with DC United from 1996-2002 and then played for the New York MetroStars from 2003-2004 and ended his career with Real Salt Lake from 2005-2007. He had 10 goals, 10 assists, and started in 251 games. The stats didn’t say much, but his defense on the field was what got him where he was.

4. Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey in one of the best attackers the U.S have produced. Clint Dempsey started off his MLS career with the New England Revolutions from 2004-2006 and then went overseas to play in Europe. Clint then came back to the MLS in 2013-2018, he sadly ended his career yesterday, August 29, 2018. His career stats in MLS are 72 goals, 42 assists, and 170 games started.

3. Robbie Keane 

Robbie Keane had a very successful MLS career in the short time he was here. He played for the LA Galaxy from 2011-2016. His career stats were 83 goals, 45 assists in 119 games started.

2. Jamie Moreno 

Jamie Moreno has one of the most impressive stat lines in MLS. He started his career with DC United from 1996-2002 and then played a year in New York with the MetroStars, but then went back to DC United 2004-2010. His stat line is 133 goals, 102 assists, and started in 295 games. He now coaches DC United’s 23 and under team.

1. Landon Donovan 

I think that Landon Donovan is the best player to play in MLS. Landon Donovan started his career with the San Jose Earthquakes from 2001-2004 and then played for the LA Galaxy from 2005-2016. His stat line is 145 goals, 136 assists, and started in 315 games.