About College

By Gerald Hughey, Reporter

Would you like to go to College in the future?

There Are Many Good Colleges To Go To: The best colleges to go to are the schools that are near you and that you can go to right after school.

What do you think of going to college and staying where your family?

When you are around your family that might motivate you to do the best and get to a point. So that you can have your own family and be able to be successful in life. This will make your family proud and carry on your family’s name. Family will push you to do anything and make sure you do it right and on time and make sure that you get to the education that you need and want.

Would you like to move away at college and have a better experience because it will just be you?

Great College’s to go to: Are Harvard, Yale, Duke, They are all really good when it comes to high level education. All of the top Colleges are looking for students that have a really high GPA and that has been in clubs, teams, and have done things for the community.

If you are looking to going to a colleges then you should most likely go to a college in state because you won’t have to pay as much money. When you go to college outside of the state that you live in then you will have to pay more because you haven’t been living in that state and be going to that college. College will take all of your money away but it worth it because you will be making a lot more to cover it.

What You Need To Do For A College Scholarship

To get into a good college then you will have to get good grades, participate in sports and clubs and make sure all the teachers like you and get along with everyone. When you get a full scholarship to a school then you will get your education for free and have a really successful career. If you get a scholarship that means that they notice you out of everyone else that wants to go to college and trying to go.