5 U.S. Cities to Travel to Before You Die

By Kayleigh Cook, Reporter

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1. New York City, New York


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Manhattan in New York City

Everybody talks about how fascinating New York City can be, but you never realize how special it truly is until you’ve been there.

New York City is home to amazing restaurants, National Parks, and tourism spots. From the Statue of Liberty in the New York Harbor to the exterior of the Friends’ apartment on Bedford Street, every inch of New York City has something to see.  

My personal favorite New York City tourism spots are Madame Tussauds New York, Times Square (specifically at night), and Central Park.

2. Salt Lake City, Utah

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah’s state capital, Salt Lake City, is home to some of the prettiest scenic spots in the country.

If you’re lucky enough to visit Salt Lake City, make sure to try kayaking on the Great Salt Lake. The lake is surrounded by tall mountains and the water is so flat that you can see ahead of you for miles. Although the lake is covered in small bugs called brine flies, the cool weather and views make up for it.

If you’re not interested in kayaking there are plenty of other things to do in Salt Lake City. For example, the gorgeous Salt Lake Temple and Red Butte Garden.

3. Asheville, North Carolina

Biltmore Estates in Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina, known for the Biltmore Estate, is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

One of the most popular tourist spots in Asheville is the Biltmore Estate. Built in 1895, Biltmore is the largest home in America. You can tour the interior of the house, the winery, and the multiple gardens surrounding the house. Biltmore’s views are incredible and definitely worth a trip to see.

If you’re looking for other places to visit in Asheville, the Downtown Art District has gorgeous museums and galleries.

4. York, Maine

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Cape Neddick Lighthouse in York, Maine

Hands down one of the prettiest places is York, Maine.

York is located on the southern coast of Maine and has the Atlantic ocean on one side and small restaurants, businesses, and homes on the other side.

Longs Sand Beach, located in York, has dark sand and rocks lining some parts of the ocean. Further down the coast is Nubble Lighthouse which is a beautiful place to stop and look at the beach. Near the lighthouse is Fox’s Lobster House, a local seafood restaurant that has something for everyone.

All in all, York is the perfect vacation spot for the summer considering that the weather is ideal and there are more ice cream stores there than you can count.

5. Boston, Massachusetts

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Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, one of the oldest cities in the United States, is definitely worth a visit if you’re interested in US History.

From the Paul Revere House to the Freedom Trail, Boston is covered with historic sites. If you have lots of time in Boston make sure to also visit King’s Chapel, a church founded in 1686, and Faneuil Hall Marketplace, a shopping center made up of three historic buildings and delicious restaurants.

Whether you are able to visit all of these places or just one, it is definitely worth the trip.


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