Puma Collabs With Korean Boy Band: RS-O Sound Collection

Puma Collabs With Korean Boy Band: RS-O Sound Collection

By Lily Vo, Reporter

The famed sports brand, Puma, has recently collaborated with the well-known Korean boy band, BTS. This collection, however, is not their first collaboration. A while back, Puma had a BTS x Puma clothing line but the collection was only available on Korea Puma. Although, BTS’s new RS-O Sound line made a debut on Puma’s official website, having themselves as the models.

The RS-O Sound collection features items such as hoodies, sweatpants, and the new models of sneakers. This line offers a new retro feeling to the design of the featured sportswear. Though, the collection is geared more towards men, but it can also be for all genders as well. This collaboration depicts the band’s unique style and offers a fashionable yet comfortable trend of clothing. It gives a fresh new take on Puma’s brand.

This collection showcases more brightly colored and bold clothing. For example, the “RS-O Capsule Hoodie” is a bright blue hoodie that has an over-sized fit to it. It also has color contrasting designs that complement the simplicity of the look.

Another featured main item is the “RS-O Sound Sneakers,” these shoes are light weight and is good for casual wear. They are designed to have a future-retro look to them and come in many assortments of colors. These sneakers follow the trend of bringing back the style from the past and reliving it in the future. The interesting fact is that Puma had this clothing line made from the inspiration towards music technology back in the 80’s.

In the end, this collaboration between BTS and Puma is a success in giving a new look for the brand’s designs.