‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Offers More Complexity Than Fortnite

Rainbow Six Siege offers greater complexity than Fortnite.

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ offers greater complexity than Fortnite.

By Deven Dean, Reporter

“Rainbow Six Siege,” also known as Rainbow, is a first-person shooter that makes players think, not just pull the trigger. 

You always have to listen to your surroundings and fight to defuse the one of the two bomb sites, secure the area, secure the hostage, or kill all the operators on the other team like Pulse, Bandit, and Frost on the defending team, or Glaz, Ash, and Buck on the attacking team.  

The game is fun to play because it makes you think about what you’re doing before you move and have more awareness than one usually does in games. You can look around corners and use it for cover and you can blow through walls with various gadgets for a fast entrance or a fast exit, but anything you do is a risk and can have consequences and you can get shot pretty easily.

On top of that there are no respawns, so you have to wait until the next round. The community is OK but if you are playing rank, a tougher game mode, it’s a different ballpark; it can be very toxic or a pain to play as it is stressful and you can’t mess up that much.

More about the the regular game (casual): you have four minutes to defend or attack and minutes go by pretty fast so always keep on your feet. Plus, if you are playing on a PC, it’s $14.99 for the standard edition. The best part is that Rainbow is not pay to win!  

I rate it 9.5 stars (out of 10) because of the toxic players in ranked mode but other than that I like it. It has everything I like and it has high ratings on Steam highly positive ratings from other players.