Focus On Sports Or School?

School is important for everyone but sports is important for other people too!

School is important for everyone but sports is important for other people too!

By Gerald Hughey, Reporter

Focus on school or sports? What do you think is the best? 

There are many people who focus on sports over school and there are also people who focus more on school and don’t care about playing or watching sports.

Here are what your fellow classmates are saying.

Chase Carney – ” Everyone needs school.” You need to focus on school because if you do good in school then you have opportunity to go to collage for free. So you will go to collage for free and be able to make a really good career out of it and not have to worry about paying your loans because you got a collage career for free, So, focus on your grades and your set.

Jacob Goodman – ” I focus on school a lot because it’s my future and it shows them if your hard working, committed, and will not give up on the little things. But when it comes to sports then I will focus on them. ”

Caleb Wheemhoff – ”  I currently focus more on school because I don’t play any sports and school is important to me because I need to be ready and learn what I need to know for my collage experience and my future. ”

 Hunter Adams – ” I have focused on school this semester because my classes are starting to get difficult while I’m focusing on baseball also. ”

Seth Flickinger – “ I give all of my attention to school because I need school to get into a good collage and be able to have a family and take care f them myself without having to worry about it. So I want to have a good education ,  so that i can go to collage and get a really good job in life and be able to thrive and succeed in life. ”

School is very important to everyone and everyone’s life. You’re life will and can be change by going to collage and learning a lot more about basic life and how your going to succeed in life and make a really good living. Collage is that gates that are just opening to your eyes and successful.

Sports are also very important to many people because maybe they come from a family that played sports all their life and they want the tradition to stay alive and not just die and that’s important to the parents and the family because you want to be able to keep carrying that tradition to your whole family.

What do you focus more on? School or Sports?