2018 Marching Band and Color Guard Reveal Theme For This Year


By Josie Huffman, Reporter

Every year, the Greenwood Marching Band and color guard have a new theme for their competition. This year’s theme is romance.  The “Back to You” performance features Savanna Brooks and Dylan Bankhead as the leads who find their way back together after facing many obstacles in their relationship. Their first competition will be occurring on Saturday September, 8.

The students are excited for this theme and really enjoy the music.

Savanna explains how part one of the show is a light and happy ballet. However, in part two, the mood is very intense and that is when you start to see them break apart. They haven’t rehearsed much of part three or four yet, but they say that the choreography expresses the theme well.

When asked, Savanna said that the pre-show definitely was her favorite part. However, Dylan said his favorite part was part two because he likes the props that are used.

Percussionist Kamryn Lin also thinks that the music fully expresses the theme.

He said, “The title ‘Back To You’ immediately made me think of love and going back to your lover.”

Kamryn believes the music appropriately conveys the theme because it includes a lot of key changes, which signifies a change of heart in the choreography.

Overall, the marching band and color guard agree that it will be an excellent show because both groups accompany each other well.