Can We Live On Mars

Do You Think Sometime In Our Generation That Can Possible live On Mars? 

We all know that we have been sending probes to look around the planet for any possible life and possible find another place to live.

Scientists- Have been trying to figure out if we can have life on Mars sometime in our life. If we can live on Mars then maybe we can find something special about that planet and make life better. Maybe the planets are hiding something that can make us thrive in humanity.

Is It Worth Traveling To Other Plants?

Do you think that the other planets maybe hiding something from us? We don’t know what could be in the center of that planet or what the planets can do to help us in humanity. We don’t know anything about other planets other than Earth and I think its time to travel and see what the other planets are and what they can become and how they can help us thrive or fall.

Do You Believe That There Are Aliens?

A lot of people believe that there are Aliens somewhere roaming around space. If Aliens were real then how come we haven’t them? They also haven’t left any trails for us to know that they are there and existing.

What Do You Have To Say About Aliens? 

Is Visiting The Planets A Bust Or Will It Be A Big Failure?