50’s Jeans Are Coming Back in Style


By Lacey LaRocco, Reporter

There is a lot of stuff going on in the world today.  For example, all the new trends, especially clothes!

In the girl section of clothes, there always has been a trend on high waisted jeans/shorts.  This “high waisted” design is made to be, as the name suggests, above the waistline. Usually it sits about 8 centimeters on the hip.  

High waisted jeans and shorts were very common in the 1970’s in competition with low rise pants/shorts.  The article, “A Brief History of High Waisted Jeans” says that these type of jeans can look flattering on anyone because it accentuates the hips.

I personally wouldn’t wear this style, but I know many other people that pull it off well. This type of style looks too old for my taste.  In addition, I prefer comfortable clothes, and these pants tend to hug the waist awkwardly.

Because I love casual clothes, they aren’t what I would want to wear. Maybe once in a while I’ll do something fun, such as a dance or where you would like to look fancy.