Boston Dynamics Unveils a Interesting Robot

By David Marquez, Reporter

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With the ever advancing human race, our things we create advance along with us, one of the most advanced is our technology. We have created intelligent A.I. that can turn on lights or play music just by telling it to. Our technology advances everyday, whether it be in, types of batteries to how we can help fight pollution with different objects.

Robots have long been a lead in what the future is envisioned as. Robots have been thought to be assistance to their masters and have a full set of emotions and personality. Robots have been shown in many different ways, some being human like, some being animal like.

Recently, a dog like robot by a Boston tech company  was unveiled to be sold in the future in small packs. With dog like robot can do things such as opening the door, carry loads such as packages and other thing. The robot is also programed to be able to walk up stairs. Innovations like this have been in the development process for a long while.

This dog like robot has left people astonished and frightened for what the future holds. The dog like robot has shown many abilities, and is still being worked on. It uses a bunch of censors that help it get from place to place, without crashing into a wall or the side of a object.

The Boston tech company has not only made the robot dog, they have also created different robots, each attempting to have them used to save and help others.

One of the robots is Atlas. Atlas is a humanoid robot still in development by the technicians at the facility. The robot still in development has showed remarkable feats in the way it has worked. One such being walking, the robot has walked, jumped, and flipped successfully through out all the development and tests given.

Boston Dynamics is a fast growing tech company with a good amount of change it can make in the future with its many robots it has and is developing.

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