Freshman Face Fresh Worries

By Raegan Jones, Reporter

School is back in session! Getting back into routine might be a slight struggle, but it’ll get easier as the year goes on. Along with school comes our worries for what’s going to happen during this school year. Though when thinking about what our worries are focused around, freshman and senior minds are completely different.

The size comparison of Drakes Creek to Greenwood is a hefty difference. For one, block scheduling has lengthy class periods; being used to 55-minute class periods makes for a immense adjustment to 85 minutes. Getting used to longer lessons and lectures can cause stress from staying in one class for long periods of time.

Between classes uneasiness occurs in trying to get from point a to point b in time so no tardies are gained.

By senior year, you’ve gone through many obstacles that have arose during your high school years. The information that was gained from freshman and sophomore is put to use as the ACT is taken during junior year.

The ACT is a test given to everyone even if college isn’t in your plans; if it is it might be something causing a little apprehension. Colleges have a minimum that has to be scored in order to attend that school and if a scholarship wants to be obtained they have to score even higher! You have the looming decision of what college you want to attend and this is a choice is one that literally decides what’s going to happen in your future.

Even if you don’t want to attend college after high school you have to figure out the path you want to take instead. Becoming a legal adult after your last year adds another concern due to the high level of responsibility that is needed to live all on your own.