Team’s Switch

What would happen if the school teams switched sports with each other?

Just Imagine– that you just saw the basketball team playing a game and then randomly out of no where you see the soccer team dressed up as basketball players. Then the basketball team started to play soccer and visa versa. How would you react to seeing this? How would it be if the Professional Teams switched also? What do you think would happen?


Also by doing this then the kids will have more respect for that team and the people that are playing it. The will also improve the school because then everyone will respect each other and they will or operate better with each other in many different ways.

How They Practice

Have them switch and by them switching then they will be practicing like that team and going through what they are going through and becoming them and learning how they play and how they have to prepare for those games and practices. Such as, the Soccer team is going to be running a lot and passing around the ball many different ways. The basketball team will be guarding, passing they ball, running, practice shooting. They will have somethings in common that they have to do and many other things that are different from what they do on a daily basis.

What if the NBA, NFL, MLB switched for a day?

If all of the Professional teams switched then that would be absolutely crazy! Nobody would know what to do if they saw there favorite player in a league playing a different league.  They will also all have respect for each other because they will learn how hard that Professional sport is and how they have to prepare to face against Professional teams that do that sport for a living.

Who would dominate every sport?

Out of everyone that plays a professional sport. Who do you think would dominate everyone is every single sport? Would it be Lebron James, James Harden, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Who will dominate every sport and everybody. 

How would you react? 

You would probably react crazy seeing professional people playing sports that they are not used to playing and seeing how they are going to do. If this ever happens then it should be a tournament against anyone and see which athlete comes out on top and beats everyone else.

Would be entertaining to watch!!