The New Movie,” Slender Man” Questions Whether or Not Slender Man Lives Up to His Name

The New Movie,

By Lily Vo, Reporter

The new movie, “Slender Man”, is about the notorious internet myth which came from the Creepypasta series (Internet Horror Stories). The character ‘Slender Man’ is depicted as a monster who lurks in the woods to manipulate and capture whoever it encounters. People describe it’s appearance as a man that’s faceless who’s wearing a black suit and tie; ranging from about 6-7 feet tall with abnormally long limbs. However, this fictional character has received much controversy due to the latest movie “Slender Man”.

This film is set in a town in Massachusetts; the characters happen to be a group of friends which consists of four teenage girls. They struggle, as they try to find a way to prove that the internet myth doesn’t actually exist after attempting to summon it. But, all goes wrong when one of the girls went missing soon after. Now, there is a great deal missing when it comes to Slender Man’s presence in the film. After all, it really wasn’t ‘Slender Man’ fueling the horror but, instead, it was the characters’ obsession with the idea of Slender Man which drove their vivid hallucinations.

Many critics took this chance to pick out the many flaws that came with this movie. As being said, critics feel that the movie would’ve had some potential if only it had a better storyline. This also comes to show that the movie also had very poor cinematography, in turn, critics would say the urban legend,’Slender Man’ appeared less intimidating and perhaps more unrealistic when it came to the scary scenes. The only way to truly scare an audience is to know how to make the main centerpiece of a horror film look completely terrifying. Though, that was only one of the many flaws that the movie had to offer.

Although the depiction of Slender Man in the movie wasn’t nearly as scary as the legend itself, the only thing that could’ve saved the movie was the storyline and even that was disappointing. It would have been better if “Slender Man” actually had an origin or the main source of where he came from. Not having a main backstory to him caused the movie to “not add up at all” as some critics may say. Just like a writing piece, a movie must have a clear and developed background story, whether it be the characters’ history or the tiniest needed information when it comes to supporting the plot. Yet, the movie did just the opposite of that, for example in most movies you actually get to know the characters and their backstory, which lets the audience grow attached or have some sort of connection with them. On the contrary, “Slender Man” is very much fast-paced and gets to the point; which leaves you no bond towards the characters, causing you to feel no sympathy for when they actually disappear in the movie.

That is all for my review of the new movie “Slender Man”.

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