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How to Better Yourself in 30 Simple Ways

By Selena Heldic, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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  1. Surround yourself with people who make you happy.
  2. Radiate positive energy into the world.
  3. Go outside more.
  4. Stop and smell the flowers.
  5. Enjoy the little things.
  6. Be thankful and appreciative of what you have.
  7. Take photographs and create memories.
  8. Make time for yourself.
  9. Exercise and stay active.
  10. Go for a swim.
  11. Work your way towards self-love and self acceptance.
  12. Be open-minded.
  13. Seek to understand others and empathize.
  14. Explore new things and go on adventures.
  15. Be creative.
  16. Go for a bike ride!
  17. Wear clothes that make you feel happy and confident.
  18. Create an aesthetic for yourself.
  19. Appreciate nature.
  20. Take care of the environment.
  21. Lay out in the sun. (Don’t forget your sunscreen!)
  22. Drink more water.
  23. Stick to fruits and veggies.
  24. Eat more protein and fiber.
  25. Replace coffee with green tea.
  26. Read.
  27. Spend more time with family members and friends.
  28. Don’t accommodate to anyone.
  29. Keep a good head on your shoulders.
  30. Stay true to yourself.
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How to Better Yourself in 30 Simple Ways