Noah Hernandez Bids Greenwood Farewell

By Michaela Anderson, Co Editor-in-Chief

Noah Hernandez, senior, artist extraordinaire–his art has wowed many since he arrived at Greenwood a few years back.

Hernandez has been making art seriously since the sixth grade, which adds up to about seven years overall. His sister was the one who inspired him to start practicing his heart. He says that one day, she was just doing it and he thought it looked fun and decided to try it out. Hernandez ended up loving it as soon as he tried it.

His secret to how he improved his art is something that any of us can do. In eighth grade, Hernandez got very serious about art. He got online and started looking up stuff to draw. He looked at tutorials and other peoples faces.

People inspire his art. Seeing other artists being good at what they do makes him say, “Wow, I wish I could do that!” That thought alone makes him keep going to try and better himself while he learns new techniques for his art.

“I could be better than I am now,” he said in reference to his art.

Hernandez even had his art displayed in a gallery (seen in the slide show). It’s located in the gallery called Yellowberri at downtown Bowling Green. He submitted his art into Warren County and they wanted to blow it up and put it on the wall. He has no idea how long they’re going to keep it on their wall, but he says it’s been up for quite a while–about a year, in fact.

Because of his dedication to art, he was made this year’s Art Club president. He’s proud of Art day back in April, where they spent months making stuff for it.

He wants to go to college, either at Spalding University in Louisville or the Nossi College of Art in Nashville, Tennessee. However, he’s not very sure what he wants to major in.

“I am planning on going into art, for the rest of my life,” Hernandez said. He would love to be a freelance artist, but he does’t believe it’ll be very sustainable business wise. He sees graphic design as job he could potentially have in the future.

For any artist just starting out, he says “Keep at it, do what you’re doing, and add upon what you are doing. Go out of your comfort zone and look at references on the internet.”