Rock and Morphe Release Highlighter Palette

By Hailey Welson, Reporter

On March 13, Bretman Rock, a 19-year-old makeup enthusiast and “OG Morphe Babe,” finally released his long-anticipated highlighter palette–Babe in Paradise. Teamed up with Morphe, the aesthetic exterior and the eye-dazzling highlighters make every makeup lover want to buy it. The palette includes six different shades, each one different from the others based on skin tone, are “daringly creamy,”  and create “explosive, prismatic effects.”

Babe in Paradise is island-themed, as Rock is Filipino, and also lives in Hawaii. He has always been surrounded by exotic scenery, plentiful vegetation, and lots of sunshine. Rock says: “My highlighter is a piece of me; it’s a piece of my life. I grew up in the islands my whole life—living in the Philippines and moving to Hawaii when I was 8. I was always surrounded by nature and beautiful, diverse people, which is my main inspiration for my palette. I really wanted to capture that. I wanted to create a palette that would work on any skin tone and any skin type; I want everyone who uses my highlighters to feel the warmth of the islands and feel like a babe in paradise.”

“The inspiration behind the packaging was actually my tattoo, and my garden back home when I was a child. I was very inspired by my friends and family, and I think this palette embodies that Hawaii is like, a melting pot for different races and background ethnicities, full of different beliefs and religions, and I want the palette to scream that. It screams, like, ‘Bretman Rock’, and that’s the first time I get to say that it’s all me,” he says in a YouTube video, as he presents the palette.

The shade names do indeed show Rock’s fun and careless, playful personality. Their names are Behbeh Gurl, Vaygation, Mahu, Get Lei’d, and Cheehoo. Rock does not care what anyone else thinks of him and it is pretty obvious on how he acts and lives freely. “Being regular and doing what people expect you to do is sooo BORING, and I’m anything but boring…People will always have a problem with you with whatever you do; it’s just a matter of whether you listen to those insecure, undriven people or not.”

Babe in Paradise is only $29 on Morphe’s website, which comes with a highlighting brush. The palette is everything that Rock could want. “I could literally say that everything, from the colors to the packaging to the brushes…even the formula, even, like, the insane photo shoots that we have… I literally put my heart into it and I still can’t believe it’s happening.”