Does the World Need More Smart People or More Nicer People?

By Maddie Woodcock , Student Life Editor

Have you ever spoken with a person who is really smart but is really rude? Or have you ever spoken with someone who is just a downright nice person, who may make your day better? Which person would you rather be?

Most people would say they would want to be an abnormally smart person, but which person would be a better addition to the world? I believe that the world needs more kind people than smart people.

Now you may be wondering why smarter people tend to come off as rude. The reason for this is because smart people have the tendency to not want to socialize with others due to the fact that they are too busy trying to achieve a long-term goal. They also have troubles making connections with people due to the fact that they can’t imagine themselves being put in the position that normal people are in.

The reason why the world needs more nice people rather than smart people is that the world is already a tough place.  We need more people who can help change that.

The third-leading cause of death of young people is suicide. Fourteen percent of teens have considered suicide and almost seven percent of teens have attempted to kill themselves. Bullying results in 4,400 deaths per year, all these lives taken because people cant be nice to each other.

Seventy-four percent of people think that people are a lot ruder then they were 3o years ago. The article ‘Poll: Rudeness in America’  by ABC  says 80% of people say that they see people using foul language and 84% of people say they see other people being rude to them or another person.