Things to Know Before Going to See ‘A Wrinkle in Time’

Things to Know Before Going to See A Wrinkle in Time

By Maddie Woodcock , Student Life Editor

*Warning possible spoilers*

“A Wrinkle in Time” is a classic book published in 1962. The book is about two children (Meg and Charles Wallace) whose father mysteriously goes missing for four years.

Meg is the oldest child and after her father disappeared, Meg starts to run into problems at school. She starts to get bullied and act rudely in class. On the other hand, Charles Wallace is a prodigy who is abnormally smart.

The fact that Charles Wallace is very smart causes most of his teachers and classmates to treat him differently and almost alienate him. Charles Wallace is abnormally friendly for a six-year-old.

In the story, Charles Wallace invites in three strange women, Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which.  these women explain to Charles Wallace and Meg that they know what happened to there father.

They explain that Mr. Murry is a scientist who has been researching a way to cut the time it takes to travel space. While researching this, he figures out how to Tesser. To learn what tessering is, click here. While attempting to Tesser, Mr. Murry gets captured by IT.

Charles Wallace and Meg decide that they want to save their father, so Charles Wallace grabs Meg’s close friend, Calvin O’Keeffe and begins to go on their long journey.

To find out what happens next you can go see the new movie “A Wrinkle in Time.”