Greenwood’s ‘Modern Millie’ Thoroughly Delightful

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Greenwood’s ‘Modern Millie’ Thoroughly Delightful

By Leah Witcher, Reporter

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The spring musical put on by Greenwood High School was one for the books. “Thoroughly Modern Millie” was a remarkable performance that had a great turn out. The story had a little bit of everything: romance, laughter, sorrow, and suspense.

In this production, Millie Dillmount, a girl from Kansas, is arriving in the big city for the first time. As she gets there with nothing she starts out her new life. Staying in the Hotel Priscilla and finding a job as a stenographer, she searches New York for love.

From acting to singing, everything was spectacular. The cast had intricate dance numbers filled with skillful moves and 1920 dances. There was a variety of different types of songs sung by the talented actors and actresses.

A crowd favorite moment would have to be when the two room service boys, acted by Cruz McClure and JJ Gibson spoke in impressive Chinese. Not only did we hear Ching Ho (Gibson) and Bun Foo (McClure) speak in a different language but also singing. With words on a screen above, there was little confusion created. When we got our first glimpse of this part of the musical the crowd let out in laughter.


Another moment when the crowd had a big reaction was right before intermission when we were left with a huge surprise. Mouths dropped when Jimmy Smith (Ben Morrison) walks out of Miss Dorothy’s (Jannah Bolin) room. This kept everyone intrigued and wanting to know more. During the pause in the musical, many people had conversations about it as they were shocked.

This year’s musical exceeded expectations and has raised the bar for future musicals to come.

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