Greenwood Cheer Captain Shares Her Experience


By Maddie Woodcock , Student Life Editor

Cheerleading is a sport that involves a lot of teamwork, but how do you lead a group of 14 girls? Claudia Hobbs, Greenwood’s cheer captain, can tell you.

Claudia, now a senior, has been cheering for six years. She said that she is not planning on cheering at WKU (where she has chosen to go to school), but she will come back to Greenwood to help with the incoming cheerleaders.

Cheer captains are elected by a vote from all of the members of the cheer team. “I was really surprised to win, I thought Alison [one of the other seniors] was going to win captain.”

Claudia says, “It wasn’t easy being the captain. I was always afraid to make someone mad or even worse hurt their feelings.” She said she constantly felt like the bad guy, due to the fact that she would have to yell and fuss at the girls to do their parts. “I have been called the occasional name or two by one of the girls, but nothing that would ever hurt my feelings.”

Even though it was a struggle, Claudia really enjoyed her year as a captain. “We had a really good team this year. We achieved almost everything we set out to do.”

March 16 was the day of the cheer banquet, marking the end of 2018’s cheer season. All of the cheerleaders and parents were in tears by the end of Claudia’s senior speech. In Claudia’s speech, she thanked her coaches and teammates but especially took the time to thank her mom.

Mrs. Hobbs was the booster club president this year. She was the woman who helped make all the big decisions this year, making her one important woman in Greenwood cheer.

In all, Claudia and Mrs. Hobbs were big contributors to this year’s cheer team and will be greatly missed.